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Raw Spices Seeds
Raw Spices Seeds are added in several Indian curries and veggies. These can add flavor and taste to several recipes. In addition, they are highly flavorful. Aroma of these seeds is quite enticing. They crackle well and are added in tadka for improved taste.
Neem Cake And Powder
Neem Cake and Powder is known as the most favored product that contributes to plant fertilization. It is used by many farmers and gardeners. This is functional as a bio fertilizer and adds required nutrients to the soil.
Neem Oil
Neem Oil has antibacterial properties, used for healing burns as well as abrasions. It can moisten the skin and give them the needed health and shine. The oil is also useful for the hair. They are bets for topical application.

Minimum order 1 TON required for supply of :- "Black Cumin Seed, Pure Cumin Seed, Pure Black Cumin Seed, Natural Cumin Seed, Nigella Sativa Seeds, Neem Cake, Neem Cake Powder"
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